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Google Earth

Do you want to see your home from space? Or do you want to take a look at a trip you´re going to do in the future? There are so many great uses for this amazing award winning software. Google Earth is simply the best all-around 3D Software, giving you a closer look at everything you´d want to see around the globe.


You can fly to any location on earth just by typing in the coordinates! Zoom in, and almost look the people right into their faces. The quality of the images is really great, so you get all the details when zooming in.


Take a closer look at buildings and sights, you always wanted to see - just with a simple click!



You can also use the route planer, which allows you to plot out routes directly in Google Earth for a later printout!


Besides of the useful things you can do with Google Earth, it´s just so much fun to travel around at the speed of click!... Have fun!


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